Nowdays, our government needs some experience student that can serve the country well. But only some of students have a good quality to produce something good for the country. So, this are some characters that can be useful for student in the university that can make them a successful student in the future and can serve the country well.
      First of all, students in university should be more friendly to others. As we known, in the first semester students are known to be shy in the class. As a student, they must throw away this kind of character in themselves and replace it with “friendly person” in themselves because if student feel shy automatic they will be shy to ask something about their studying. But if they become more friendly, this kind of problem can be solve in no time.
      Secondly, students should be more independent in the university. In university, everybody known that life in the university are by yourself. Example like find some money, some transportation, and other things. Students should have this character because this kind of character can make them survive in the real world or in the business world. Independent also needs so student can manage themselves without any help from other people.
      Next, university students should be more hardworking. Each of student should be more hardworking in their studying. Example, like if they have problems in mathematic question they must do some question so that they can pass in the examination but if they don’t have “hardworking” in themselves maybe they might fail in the exam.
      In conclusion, each students should be more friendly, independent and hardworking. If they have this kind of character in themselves, our country might be in a good hand and have a good leader that can lead us to a new kind of era. 
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